Material Types


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As far as I know the new Hapco Albacores are vinylester.

Perhaps you should change the "composite" label to "hybrid" - I assume that you mean glass hulls with wood decks.

To me the word "composite" implies a laminate of different materials - for instance a glass laminated wood board is considered "composite" and a foam cored glass layup is also considered a composite material.

Posted by henry on Mon, 12/20/2010 - 12:05

looking over the posting i dont see any incorrect useage - the definitions are not that tight - and so different construction can be correctly described in a number of similar sounding ways.

as for hapco boats - 8122, 3, 4, & 5 are vinylester. later boats will be epoxy.

Posted by teamspot on Mon, 12/20/2010 - 22:26

I think this is getting a bit complicated. On one hand it would be nice to know all kinds of details about the construction of each boat, but I'm not sure it is practical. Many owners may not know. We may get a lot of misinformation added to the database, or with so many choices people may choose not to respond at all.

I think things will only get more complex as time goes on. There are different resins, core materials, gel coats, other coatings, thicknesses of core, types of glass (e, s biaxial, 3-tex...), hot molded wood, cold molded wood, some hulls will have GRP decks while others may be finished by small builder with wood decks... etc. It is probably nearly impossible to reconstruct this for all past boats. There are cases where manufactures made changes on the fly in a production series. Going forward all builders may not want to disclose all this information.

I would advocate that the database contain a pull down menu with a few limited choices and that other details be included (or not) by owners in commentary or photos for each specific boat. I suggest the following categories be available for selection in a pulldown menu that goes in the database:

HULL material (note I would focus on hull material and not worry about the rest of the boat... interior, decks etc).

Hull material
1) wood
2) GRP laminate (no core)
3) GRP composite (with core material)

examples of each category
1) Fairey Marine, Weatherfield, Davis, Young, Knight and Pink, Woof, Hore, Chard, Chipstow...

2) Hanson, Whitby, Grampian, Skene, McGruer & Clark, Fosrite, Rondar, Linton, Riverside, Annapolis, Hapco(1), Newport, Sailing Dyamics, Allen, OY, Porter...

3) Omega, Whitehouse, Ontario Yachts, Speed, Ovington, Hapco(3)

Posted by Peter Duncan on Mon, 12/20/2010 - 22:48